Saturday, February 7, 2009

I,m sick !!! and i gave notice at work !!!

Yes i'm sick i have a wicked cough and sinusitus, i keep running a temperature and i'm feeling sorry for myself !! I went to the doctors yesterday as i am feeling so drained and he tells me everyone has this !!! i have a bronchial cough and influenza and i just wish it would go away. Anybody have any good home recipes or tips to help you feel better ?? I tried the vicks on the soles of my feet with socks on, i heard this stops you coughing but it didn't work.

On another note i gave my notice at work a week ago, the shifts were just to much, lots of weekends and nights working till midnight. Well it was distrupting my craft time !!! Hope everyone reading this is keeping well !!!




Lana said...

Oh Michellle I am sorry you are not well.. :0(
I hate the flu I had it just before Christmas and didn't shake it off till a few weeks ago! As for the shifts affecting your craft time , well this is not good at any cost! lol
Have you tried hot lemonade with a trickle of honey? just pop it into the microwave for just over a minute and the fizziness soothes your throat and seems to work for me.
Hope you feel better soon
Lana x

Joanne said...

So sorry you have not been feeling well! Chicken soup is the best remedy that I can think of. Well, that and scrpbooking!! If you stop by my blog, you will see that I have given you a little award - maybe that will make you feel better (or at least make you smile!)!!!

Ivy said...

Michelle, I am so sorry to hear that you are under the weather like that! I just got over a bad cold as well (though it didn't last long). Like Joanne, I think chicken soup is a great remedy..and lots of rest!! I hope you feel better very very soon!


DonnaMundinger said...

Oh Michelle, I'm so sorry you're sick! Just knowing you won't be having to go to work ay more should be a cure. LOL I agree on the chicken soup, at least it should make you feel good enough to craft. :) Hugs! D

Teena in Toronto said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Happy blogoversary!

Susan said...

Michelle, I feel your pain!! I had this crud all through the holidays. Chicken soup... hot tea.... warm lemonade... and for a special treat: hot tea with honey and hennessy!!! Feel better!!!

Caryn said...

Aw, hope this thing goes away for you soon chicks. There are loads of lugies flying around here at the moment too. Have been suffering a bad tummy today myself.

And well done on having the gumption to resign your job. I'm sure you didn't make that descision lightly!! Now, what will you do with your free time????

Caryn xxx

Anonymous said...

Pineapple in any shape, fresh, tinned or juice (I used fresh). It's a natural cough suppresant and loosens hard mucus. If you google it you will find lots more info. on it. Hope you feel better.
Chris x

Anonymous said...

Oh, Michelle, I hope you're feeling better by now. Probably the best remedy was giving your notice at work! You probably weren't getting enough scrap time and that's what caused you to be ill! LOL!

Karan said...

Hey there, sorry you are not well, you know what works for me is Cold FX...stuff is pricey, but works, and it sounds like you have been over worked for a long time, kinda how i felt last year when i was working "part time" at a large office supply store, lots of evenings and weekends for me too, i decided I was more