Friday, February 15, 2008

valentine day moments !

Well i have to say both my hubby and daughter loved their cards ! funny morning though i gave my Dh his gift which was lindor heart choccies and harley davidson books, ( he really wants a harley ),my daughter i gave her lindor heart choccies plus a dvd and a heart book ! they were both thrilled, my dh handed me my gift and he bought me the exact same choccies too funny !! i also got a picture of a scor-pal in my card with a little note asking me to order it and he would pay for it ! bless he didn't know where to get it from and he knew i really wanted one ! well it's on it's way ! yeah !!

last night though was a disaster ! we went for dinner and it took well over an hour for our food to arrive, half the food was missing and what we did get was cold, they took it away and microwaved it, half of it was still cold and they still forgot my salmon lol !! we gave up in the end and left to go to the movies. So we parked the car went to go in and couldn't get through the door it was megga busy !!! we landed up at walmart bought a movie came home and chilled in front of the tv ! now why didn't we do that in the first place !!

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