Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Joined curves !!

This past week went so quick been busy with appointments laundry and painting my bedroom. I did however finally join curves, let me tell you i needed to lol !
I am really enjoying it though been 3 times and i'm back there again tomorrow. I really want to lose weight for summer before the dreaded swimsuits come out ! I had so much fun there this morning and i am feeling a little sore tonight.

I am hoping to lose 15 pounds by the end of may not going to hold my breath though with all this easter chocolate everywhere you look lol !. Why do i love chocolate so much ! I really am going to try so hard though, I shall take it one day at a time ! which will be very hard for a chocoholic !!

I did cheat today though had a little bag of revels, these are english chocolates and they are sooooo good, couldn't resist when i saw them in a little store selling imported chocolate !!
I did only buy the one bag though !!

Okay tomorrow is a fesh day wish me luck !!

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Enfys said...

Hi Michelle, Just to cheer you up, I have given you an award! It's over on my blog, go over and collect it, then pass it on to your top 10 faves. Good luck with the curves thing.