Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thankyou Enfy's !

Yay my first award ! what a surprise ! thankyou so much Enfy's for thinking about me, you really did make my day ! Check out Enfy's awesome blog at

My second award
Thankyou also to Krista for awarding me this same award today !! check out Kristas blog at
Okay i am supposed to award this to 10 people which is hard but i award this to
Heather Shepherd
Danielle scrappin' beauty
lovin life lynn
Heather bares
sonia at supercute @ 40
Ok so i can't count lol !I am inspired by everyones blogs so if your name is not on this list and you are reading this post, i would like you to still take this award from me
Now it's up to you girls if you would like to bless someone today with an award then forward to who ever inspires you !


Bella and Aidee Mom said...

Thanks Michelle...I awarded you also.....Krista

Heather Bares said...

awwww, thanks for the award!!!! It truly did make my day!

Enfys said...

I'm so glad you were pleased Michelle, it certainly made mine when I got it - I felt quite important for all of five minutes lol.

Heather said...

Wow thanks! It's so cool to have a blog & see that people are visiting. Thank you!

Robyn said...

Thanks so much for nominating me!! I am thrilled!

Lynn said...

Double Awww! You are just the sweetest! Thank you!

Lil' ol' me said...

Wow 2 isn't that a bit greedy?! Well done. Love your blog, just found it. My mum and dads favourite place is Blackpool. Ive never been there although we drove past the signposts on our way back from Scotland last year!

Crayola58 said...

Well, Michelle...I have the same Award for YOU, and it's on my blog. So please stop by and pick it up.